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Parisienne (La Dame au Chien)
by Kees Van Dongen
5813  20x24 in.  ( 50.8x 61.0cm)                       
The Window
by Henri Matisse
7786  19x24 in.  ( 48.3x 61.0cm)                       

Waterfall No. III 'Iao Valley
by Georgia O'Keeffe
5827  20x24 in.  ( 50.8x 61.0cm)                       
Flower Seller
by Diego Rivera
4823  12x10 in.  ( 30.5x 25.4cm)                       

The Green Pumpkin
by Henri Matisse
5854  18 3/4x24 in.  ( 47.6x 61.0cm)                       
The Long Leg
by Edward Hopper

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